Match Report
Epsom College Boys-U12A vs  Dunottar School
On: Saturday, 13 Oct 2018
Venue: Away

WON 20-10

The U12As recorded a much-improved performance against a good Dunottar side. Epsom had multiple chances in the first five minutes but could not find the final pass. Dunottar got on to the scoreboard first after they won turnover ball and then quickly moved the ball into space. For Epsom tt was a sumptuous change of pace and direction from Casper Curran (Wa) that put Ben Berry (GH) into some space for him to accelerate over to finish the first half. With renewed vigour, Epsom started the second half quickly as Curran and Thabo Kuaho (GH) went over to make it 15-5. Dougal Freeman (Hu) then made a break to make it 20-5. Dunottar scored in the final two minutes to make it 20-10. A much-improved performance from last week with Hurstpierpoint and CLFS coming up in the next week.

Tries: Berry (GH), Curran (Wa), Kuaho (GH), Freeman (Hu)

Players of the Match: Dougal Freeman (Hu) and Thabo Kuaho (GH)