Match Report
Epsom College Boys-U14A vs  St Paul's School
On: Saturday, 08 Sep 2018
Venue: Away

WON 49-0

The U14As travelled to St Paul’s for what has historically been an extremely challenging fixture. The boys approached the pitch with nervous anticipation, but, shortly after kicking off, Epsom turned the ball over and swiftly distributed to Will Springett (Fa) who charged into the corner less than three minutes into the match. With renewed confidence, the boys put together some scintillating rugby, phase after phase. Notably, captain Kit Temperley (Rn) scooped up a loose ball 10 metres into his own half and evaded several tackles to score under the posts, making it 29-0 at half time. St Paul’s kicked the ball high to restart the match and it was taken well by Jasper Lawler (P) who stormed 60 metres down the pitch to put Epsom within striking distance once again. With the floodgates now truly open, tries from Epsom came thick and fast with Fraser Law (Rn), Fred Copus (C), Lucas Schmid (Fa), Will Raymond (P) all scoring and Springett completing a hat-trick. A great win and a fantastic start to the season. Credit to St Paul’s for continuing to fight hard until the final whistle.
Tries: Springett (Fa) x3, Raymond (P) x2, Temperley (Rn), Law (Rn), Schmid (Fa), Copus (C)

Player of the Match: Will Springett (Fa)