Match Report
Epsom College 2nd XV vs  Hurstpierpoint College
On: Saturday, 01 Dec 2018
Venue: at Home

WON 29-14

The 2nd XV overcame a passionate Hurstpierpoint side to secure a well-earned victory, with several new combinations across the park. The boys defended with real ferocity, with Oliver Healy-Millett (P), Charlie McMurdo (Rn) and Laju Aragho (Fa) making notable hits. There were some well-worked set piece tries coordinated and executed by Daniel Davies (C), Will Howarth (C), Josh Cooke (P) and Thomas Wearne (G). Continuing his scoring form, Griff Grealis (C) set the tone for the game, crashing over in the first five minutes. This was made possible by having good front-foot ball, created throughout the game by Harry Lee (H), Ben Mann (F) and Jamie Hughes (H). A well-organised lineout, coordinated by Zack Middleton (G), won both Epsom’s own lineout and disrupted the opposition’s, creating a platform for the likes of Harry Patterson (C) and Will Curwen (C) to penetrate Hurstpierpoint’s defensive line on multiple occasions. All parts of the team connected, with strong distribution from Ruan Oliver (P) and Harrison Watts (P).

Tries: Wearne (G) x2, Cooke (P) x2, Grealis (C)

Player of the Match: Josh Cooke (P)