Match Report
Epsom College 2nd VII vs  The Portsmouth Grammar School
On: Saturday, 19 Jan 2019
Venue: Away

WON 37-12

Fantastic play by the whole team and it was good to have some of the 1st team playing. Adahna Ekoku (Rv), Sophie Rhodes (R) and Anneke Butt (Rv) in defence kept the ball out of the circle and up the other end well. Ellie Cooke (R) faultlessly brought the ball down the court, backed up by the WA Gemma Doe (Wh) and Alyssa Takahashi (Cr). Amelia Schmid (Rv) and Maggie Diri (W) shot well to secure a convincing victory.
Player of the Match: Ellie Cooke (R)