Match Report
Epsom College Girls-U13B vs  Thomas's, Clapham
On: Wednesday, 28 Nov 2018
Venue: at Home

WON 27-6

What a great team effort. Shooters Amber Roberts (GH) and Isabella Cannon (GH) combined together to dominate the attacking circle, growing with confidence as the game progressed. These girls started hesitantly, passing the ball to get nearer the post but after a chat at half time they took shots from further out with fantastic shooting accuracy, and on the rare occasion when one of them missed they worked hard to get the rebound and then secure the goal. Phoebe Gordon (Hu) and Imi Stoole (Hu) worked really well together to bring the ball to the shooters, with Phoebe showing real improvement in her movement, making strong drives towards the ball, especially for the centre pass. Nadia Ahmad (Wa) and Lily Graves (GH) put the Thomas’s attack under constant pressure, marking tightly and with strong arms over the ball. Finally, Bethany Hodges (Hu) and Arabella Alderman (Wa) were the usual reliable duo in circle defence, taking lots of interceptions, with Bethany listening really well to coaching advice and taking the ball cleanly with two hands to secure possession. The girls should be very proud of their performance.

Player of the Match: Imi Stoole (Hu)