Match Report
Epsom College Girls-U12C vs  Gordon's School Girls-U12A
On: Saturday, 22 Sep 2018
Venue: Away

Lost 0-5

The second match of the season for the U12C team showed significant improvements from the previous outing and the Epsom girls played with tenacity and spirit throughout. Playing against an opposition A team was always going to be a tough ask, but the sides were evenly matched for large portions of the game. Gordon’s started quickly and overwhelmed the Epsom defence at the start of the match, scoring twice in quick succession, but the Epsom team quickly adapted and realised that they needed to close down space available to the attackers more effectively. To hold the opposition to just three further goals for the rest of the match was an impressive feat. The 16-yard hits were much better than the week before, with Epsom able to play out from defence successfully and set off some of their fast attacking players. Sophie Bustard (Wa) was a force in the centre of the pitch, pushing forward when needed but also working back tirelessly in defence to disrupt the opposition attacks. Nicola Peters (Wa) had an excellent match, especially when stepping out from defence to clear out the danger. Lucy Church-Jones (GH) also demonstrated her fitness and tackling by providing a much-needed outlet for the Epsom team in attack. Well done to the whole team for a positive outing.

Player of the Match: Lucy Church-Jones (GH)