Match Report
Epsom College Mixed-U15A vs  Claremont Fan Court School
On: Wednesday, 14 Nov 2018
Venue: at Home

WON 6-5

Amazing tennis played by all four students – Charlotte Thesiger (R), Gina Liebenberg (Rv), Jacob Hansson (C) and Zach Alfalahli (C).
Gina and Charlotte started off with a challenge in their girls' doubles but did win the first set on a tiebreak. They then went on to win the next set in straight games.
Jacob and Zach won their first set, but then let their concentration slide, losing the second set and then the tiebreak 7-10.
Mixed doubles saw Jacob and Charlotte lose the first set, win the second in straight games, but then lose the tiebreak 8-10, whilst Zach and Gina won the first set on a tiebreak (7-5), lost the next set but then won the tiebreak 10-6.
Fantastic tennis was played by all players.