Match Report
Epsom College Mixed-U18A vs  Old Epsomians
On: Saturday, 17 Nov 2018
Venue: at Home

The OEs played a variety of boys and mixed matches against the current squad on Saturday, though sadly not enough returning girls to face Epsom's all-conquering present team. Due to late planning only recent OEs were easily contacted, but ten was still one of the biggest turnouts in recent times.The OEs can claim the win, having too much strength, height and all round savvy enabling them to win all but one set played - the College winning a close fought mixed set. Volleyball was the winner.

OEs: Elam Sze (Wh) Emma Hibbitt (R), Aaron Au (Fa) Victor Cheung (H), Jackie Liu (H), Marco Tao (F), Alfred Grealis (Rn), Dan Kweon (Rn), Raphael Ziegler (Rn), Ben Hibbitt (Rn)