Match Report
Epsom College Boys-U18A vs  Common Room
On: Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019
Venue: at Home

The much anticipated Common Room v Pupils squash fixture was once again a hard fought encounter. The final score, 7-2 to the pupils, by no means reflected the closeness of the matches; arguably, the Common Room were the better side, losing only due to a lack of ruthlessness.

Mr Tefler and Mr Russell both failed to capitalise on match points against Fraser Spalding (Fa) and Harry Jackson (P) respectively, while Mr Fisher and Mr Johnstone lost in the deciding game to Natalie Chak (Wh) and Elliott Rumble (P) in a doubles match.

Wins for the Common Room were secured by Ben Harris (Rn) (one pupil having the honour of representing the Common Room side, as per tradition), who beat Stan Tanguy (G), and Mr Wallace, who overcame the in-form Alex Ukrasin (H).

Meanwhile, Mr Wilson, Mr Nuthall, Mr Conway and Mr Keat lost (by fine margins) to James Bull (G), Adam Koep (C), Aadham Ahmad (F) and Lewis Price (F) respectively.

Overall, the Common Room played some of the better squash over the evening and, like last year, embodied the College’s founding principle of benevolence in allowing the pupils to win crucial points.