Action Photos
Epsom College Boys-1st vs  Sutton Grammar School for Boys
On: Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018
Venue: at Home

Lost 37-52

The boys' Senior Basketball team played a league game against Sutton Grammar School for Boys and Sutton started strongly, putting Epsom on the back foot. However, under the leadership of Laju Aragho (Fa) the boys came fighting back. Aaron Endeley (C) and Nikolai Marinov (H) worked the ball up the court, setting up a strong attack which put Epsom back into the game. The game was separated by only four baskets until the final quarter, when fatigue set in and the game slipped away. The scoreline does not reflect the tenacity and resilience the boys showed during the game. Lots to work on for after half term.

Player of the Match: Laju Aragho (Fa)