Match Report
Epsom College Boys-U13B vs  City of London Freemen's
On: Monday, 14 Oct 2019
Venue: at Home

WON 35-30

The fixture against City of London Freemen's School (CLFS) began perfectly, with three unanswered tries in the first ten minutes of the match – all as a result of great organisation from the playmakers Alex Williams (Hu) and Fin Stirling (Wa). A lapse in defence and miscommunication in the next ten minutes saw CLFS make the score even. At the beginning of the second half Epsom started very slowly, allowing another two tries to go unanswered. A strong individual effort from Lucas Poturicich (Wa) changed the momentum of the game, as Epsom were able to dominate possession once again. With this change in tempo from the home side the U13Bs were able to score try after try, putting themselves ahead of their opposition in the final moments of the game and securing a well-deserved first win of the season.

Tries: Poturicich (Wa) x2, Williams (Hu) x2, Entwistle (Hu), Stirling (Wa), Maxwell Randeria (Hu)

Player of the Match: Alex Williams (Hu)