Match Report
Epsom College Girls-U13D vs  Reigate Grammar School
On: Saturday, 12 Oct 2019
Venue: Away

Drew 2-2

The 13Ds played a great match against Reigate. In a close match, the result ebbed and flowed and finally ended in a draw as Heeta Vijaykumar’s (GH) late goal levelled the match for a second time. Chloe Hosier (Wa), Heeta Vijaykumar, Alysha Advani (Wa) and Connie Elsom (Hu) played exceptionally well together in attack. Phoebe Witten (GH), Lisa Demina (GH) and Bella Hibbert (GH) turned over most balls entering the Epsom end of the field. Kaylee Townsin (GH) stepped up at the last minute as goalkeeper and played very well.

Goal Scorers: Hosier (Wa), Vijaykumar (GH)

Player of the Match: Chloe Hosier (Wa)