Match Report
Epsom College Girls-U12B vs  Lingfield College
On: Wednesday, 26 Feb 2020
Venue: at Home

WON 26-5

This was a strong performance by the Epsom girls in unfavourable conditions of wind and cold up on the top courts. Isabella Sharp (Hu) and Rose Bellinger (Je) played a spectacular game in GS and GA, progressively improving throughout the match in terms of their movement and communication within the circle, ultimately resulting in 3 out of 4 high scoring quarters. At the outset of the game, Erin Speed (Hu) in WD, Hattie Stephens (GH) in centre and Lucie Jones (GH) in WA struggled to communicate and work out spacing, but as a focus for the whole team, the girls quickly applied advice given and made some excellent plays down the court into the circle through driving into space and looking out for one another, especially in the centre third. Not as strong in defence this week, however Jare Salami (GH) and Clemmie Curham (Je) stuck to their players well, creating lots of opportunity for intercepts from the rest of the team. A good game all round.

Players of the Match: Hattie Stephens (GH) and Lucie Jones (GH)