Match Report
Epsom College Boys-U13A vs  Latymer Upper School
On: Saturday, 19 Jan 2019
Venue: Away

WON 6-3

Epsom played some outstanding short passing football in the first half, passing the ball effortlessly out of defence, linking through the midfield and finding space out wide to attack. Euan Edwards (GH) and Matthew Earle (Wa) were excellent at centre back, calm in possession and decisive in defence. Milo FitzHugh (Wa) showed moments of outstanding skill going forward and Joss Wells (Hu) finished well. At 4-0 up however, Epsom relaxed too much and conceded three goals before Eddie Larter (Hu) pulled off two crucial stops. Seumas Brown (Wa) then again demonstrated his quality by scoring his third and fourth goals to pull Epsom clear again and seal the victory.
Goal scorers: Brown (Wa) x4, Wells (Hu) x2
Players of the Match: Seumas Brown (Wa) and Milo FitzHugh (Wa)