Match Report
Epsom College Boys-U15C vs  Haileybury
On: Saturday, 02 Feb 2019
Venue: Away

Drew 2-2

A tough match played in extremely challenging conditions that meant neither team was able to perform to their best. A neck-and-neck first half saw Haileybury score just before the half time whistle. Epsom were much more aggressive in the second half, with several near misses preceding an equalising goal by Leo Hagdrup (G). A follow-up goal from Hagdrup, assisted by some great midfield work by Leonidas Kounoupias (C) and Aidan Quinn (Fa) put Epsom into the lead. Player of the match George Bustard (Rn), the Epsom goalkeeper, made some incredibly stylish saves and, assisted by solid work from defenders Myles Eckes (H) and Angus Horan (Rn), held Epsom's lead against a Haileybury onslaught. An unfortunate penalty, given away by Epsom in the last five minutes, saw Haileybury equalise at 2-2.
Goal scorer: Hagdrup (G) x2
Player of the Match: George Bustard (Rn)