Match Report
Epsom College Boys-U14D vs  Harrow School
On: Saturday, 09 Feb 2019
Venue: Away

WON 2-1

An outstanding result from a group of players that worked exceptionally hard, and in the end gave Harrow a lesson in being ruthless in front of goal. Goalkeeper Chinda Ekeh (F) performed heroically under an opening onslaught from Harrow, who adapted better with their more direct play to a heavy, bumpy pitch and windy conditions. Necessitated by illness to others, Ed Marriott (C) did well in an unfamiliar defensive position, alongside the rocks of Daniel Lodge (C) and Tom Glynne-Percy (G). Together, they assisted in keeping Harrow at bay. Instead, two outstanding strikes from distance from the energetic Seumas MacLeod (H) and Jasper Lawler (P) gave Epsom a 2-1 lead at half time. The usual passing game that Harry Jackson (P), Will Hewett (H) and others excel in, and that was so effective last week, was proving too difficult on this pitch and in the second half, a more pragmatic approach was adopted, narrowing the pitch and playing earlier balls forward. Despite some lightning breaks, especially from MacLeod, Harrow continued to press, but the team defended as a unit, with Lawler reading the game well and making superb interceptions, while Ekeh remained unbeatable as the boys claimed a memorable victory against the odds. Game management was well-executed, all players performed heroically but the all-round performance of Chinda Ekeh in goal stood out.
Goal scorers: MacLeod (H), Lawler (P)
Player of the Match: Chinda Ekeh (F)