Match Report
Epsom College Girls-U14A vs  St John's School, Leatherhead
On: Saturday, 12 Jan 2019
Venue: Away

WON 23-14

An impressive first win for the U14 A squad. The girls lost possession immediately on their centre pass, however Delphine Ayitey Hammond (Rv) took a superb interception - the first of many - and the team reacted calmly, playing excellent possession netball under pressure to get the ball to Ella Parson (Rv) who secured the first goal. From then on the team never looked back. Ella and Amelia Thomson (Wh) combined beautifully in the attacking D to take the team to an advantageous 8-1 quarter time score. The new defensive trio of Delphine, captain Polly Campbell (Rv) and Lily Taylor-Fitzgibbon (Rv) worked tirelessly at the back, forcing errors and creating interceptions, and most importantly controlling possession out of defence. Sophie Norman (Wh) linked the defence and attack expertly, always giving an option, and Anouska Powell (W) fought hard under immense pressure from an intimidating WD, remaining strong and calm when most needed. Anna Andrews (R), in her debut for Epsom, combined well with Amelia who shot accurately from distance, boosting the team's confidence. Fitness was a definite issue in the last quarter and St John’s managed to disrupt the flow. However, it was too late by then and Epsom secured a much deserved win.
Players of the Match: Amelia Thomson (Wh), Polly Campbell (Rv) and Delphine Ayitey Hammond (Rv)