Match Report
Epsom College 4th VII vs  St John's School, Leatherhead
On: Saturday, 12 Jan 2019
Venue: at Home

WON 17-12

Epsom remained ahead throughout the match. Height in defence worked in the team’s favour, with Jemma Dunevein (Rv), Emma Piggot (Rv) and Gabi Shea (Rv) disrupting the opposition in the attacking third. The ball was moved well down the court by Molly Needham (M), Anne Hindley (Rv) and Kiona Townsin, although passing accuracy must be improved. Fatima Kamarudin (Wh) and Henri Muller (Rv) both ensured that the team made the most of their opportunities.
Player of the Match: Fatima Kamarudin (Wh)