Match Report
Epsom College Girls-U16A vs  The Portsmouth Grammar School
On: Saturday, 19 Jan 2019
Venue: Away

Lost 17-18

A long way to go on a damp, dark afternoon to lose by one goal! The girls started out very quiet and a little slow in the first quarter but kept PGS to a level score. Some great defence with three or four turnovers by the strong defence of Heidi Warren (Rv), Issy Mitchell (R) and Jessica Haigh (R) left the girls with an advantage of three goals at half time. In the third quarter Epsom lost their way a little and struggled to feed it into the circle, finishing a goal down. In the last quarter Lulu Candlish (Rv) and Ella Nigrelli (Rv) swapped positions in attack, which gave a stronger feed into the circle, but unfortunately the girls were not able to break the strong PGS defence.
Player of the Match: Heidi Warren (Rv)