Match Report
Epsom College Girls-U12B vs  The Portsmouth Grammar School
On: Saturday, 19 Jan 2019
Venue: at Home

WON 12-3

With PGS completing a convincing win over Dunottar in the triangular fixture, Epsom knew that they had a tough match in prospect. From the first whistle Caitlin Lynch (Wa) and Katie Reid (Wa) were dominant in the centre court, with Bibi Watkins (Wa) and Heeta Vijaykumar (GH) providing support in the defending third. Epsom came ‘out of the blocks’ and raced to a convincing 6-0 lead after the first ten minutes of play. Consistency and focus won the day as Epsom continued to make sound attacking decisions forcing the opposition to panic when in possession. Again, everyone stuck to their roles well and Epsom came through to take a well-earned victory, only conceding three goals in the last few minutes of play. Vast improvement with timing, pass selection and positioning from last week.
Player of the Match: Katie Reid (Wa)