Match Report
Epsom College Girls-U14A vs  Cranleigh School
On: Saturday, 09 Feb 2019
Venue: at Home

WON 25-15

A poor warm up resulted in a poor first quarter. Epsom panicked when pressured by Cranleigh, who marked tightly, and the girls’ decision-making and passing were below par. They needed to react better to the unexpected rain and trailed the first quarter 3-4. Team changes saw Liz Lowndes (M) come on at WA, Sophie Norman (Wh) moved to Centre and the two shooters switched roles. This was fundamental to the turnaround in the second quarter. Ella Parson (Rv) dominated at GS, while Anna Andrews (R) coped well with the tight restrictive play of the Cranleigh GD. Liz Lowndes played calmly and effectively, always giving an option and Lily Taylor-Fitzgibbon (Rv) was solid in attack and defence, giving much needed confidence to the team. Delphine Ayitey-Hammond (Rv) and Furaha Wassuna (W) dominated the Cranleigh shooters, forcing turnovers, and Sophie Norman was key in controlling play through the mid court. The team went 11-6 up at half time and never looked back. Captain Polly Campbell (Rv) led from the front with key interceptions at GD, and the team coped well with strong restrictive play from Cranleigh, making much better decisions and playing with patience. A very pleasing result after a disappointing start.
Players of the Match: Delphine Ayitey-Hammond (Rv) and Anna Andrews (R)