Match Report
Epsom College Girls-U14E vs  Cranleigh School
On: Saturday, 09 Feb 2019
Venue: Away

WON 12-8

Due to Cranleigh not having enough players fit to field an F team, the Epsom E and F teams combined to play a mixed E/F Cranleigh team. Epsom made a superb start, dominating play in the first quarter and making impressive passing chains to go into the first break 7-2 up. Laura Galanty (W) commanded play well from centre, Annabelle Harper (M) at GD was persistent in defence and Anna Lomtadze (Cr) at GA made a number of incisive runs to get in good positions under the post. With Epsom players changing every quarter to make sure all girls played, it was challenging for them to maintain rhythm to their play and the next three quarters were more evenly matched. Verity Russell (R) at WA rose to the occasion, moving around court well and constantly battling for the ball, Francesca Meek (Wh) at GD made some important interceptions and Jemma Mapp (R) at GS shot accurately. All the girls contributed to the win and coped very well with being switched in and out of play - well done!
Player of the Match: Anna Lomtadze (Cr)