Match Report
Epsom College Mixed Rifle Team vs  RGS, Guildford Boys-U18A
On: Saturday, 02 Feb 2019
Venue: at Home

Epsom shot a shoulder-to-shoulder small bore match against RGS Guildford. Sam Edwards (Fa), Oliver Healy-Millett (P), Madeleine Luckyn-Malone (W), Max Palmer (G), Ethan Quayle (F), Elina Smith (W), Anush Tovmasyan (W), and Albert Wong (H) represented the 1st VIII; and a number of novice shots from the M4th and U4th made up the various pairs: Ansel Chan (G) and Oliver Hughes (G), Thomas Booth (Rn) and Lexy Poulton (Fa), and Ray Wang (F) and Tilly White (R).
In the 1st VIII, Oliver and Max put in solid performances (95 ex.100 and 96 ex.100 respectively), and Madeleine top scored with 97 ex. 100.
In the various pairs, shooting at a slightly more generous target face, Oliver and Thomas both scored 97 ex. 100, Ray scored 98 ex. 100, and Tilly top scored with 100 ex. 100.
Overall, Epsom's 1st VIII defeated RGS 741 - 733; the College 1st IV won 377 - 366; the top scoring pair was the Epsom 3rd pair, with 198 to complete a whitewash.