Match Report
Epsom College Boys-U15D vs  Haileybury
On: Saturday, 02 Feb 2019
Venue: Away

WON 6-1

A good performance from the U15Ds this week against Haileybury, in difficult conditions. The Epsom boys applied lots of pressure in the first half but found it hard to score, as they struggled to gain any power in their shots due to the wet, muddy ground. The first half ended 0-0. The second half was a different story, with Epsom playing some nice through balls and utilising the wings well. Seb Ward (P) scored Epsom’s first goal and started the momentum. After this, Jamie Reid (Rn) managed four goals and the match ended with Kayden Padayachy (C) scoring in the corner. Special mention goes to Ryan Slater (C) who worked throughout the whole match and created plenty of chances for the rest of the players.
Goal scorers: Reid (Rn) x4, Ward (P), Padayachy (C)
Player of the Match:
Ryan Slater (C)