Match Report
Epsom College Girls-U14A vs  Grey Court School
On: Monday, 21 Jan 2019
Venue: Away

WON 29-12

This was a tightly contested match in chilly conditions and the girls took time to find their rhythm. Amelia Thomson (Wh) was out with injury so Ella Parson (Rv) and Anna Andrews (R) took on the shooting responsibility with high conversion. Anouska Powell (W) and Sophie Norman (Wh) played superbly in mid court, controlling the speed of the game when needed, but were defended tightly. Delphine Ayitey Hammond (Rv) was let loose at GD in the fourth quarter with the score at 19-11. She read the game excellently, forcing errors and making interceptions, which were duly converted, to win that quarter 10-1. A solid win from a testing match.

Players of the Match: Delphine Ayitey Hammond (Rv) and Anna Andrews (R)