Match Report
Epsom College Girls-U13A vs  Ibstock Place School
On: Monday, 21 Jan 2019
Venue: at Home

WON 43-8

The girls had an excellent win against Ibstock Place and worked tirelessly throughout the whole game. Freya Johnson (GH), Yasi Fryer (Wa) and Ella Stephens (Wa) worked on getting in better positions around the circle edge to allow the shooters, Amelia Burke (Wa) and Eva Sesay (Hu) to pass the ball back in and out of the shooting circle. Amy Henwood (Hu), Grace Gardner (GH) and Gabby Sesay (Wa) worked well to turn over the ball by marking their opposition tightly.

Player of the Match: Amelia Burke (Wa) - shot excellently from all distances and used her speed to get into the circle quickly to help provide another option.