Match Report
Epsom College Boys-U16C vs  Brighton College
On: Saturday, 09 Nov 2019
Venue: Away

WON 25-12

On a pitch with a slope to rival Everest, Epsom utterly dominated a first half playing downhill. The opposition failed to get into Epsom territory, but miserable conditions and superb defence from Brighton limited Epsom to just three tries, all scored by backs after the forwards had ground the defence down with powerful pick and drives. The wind prevented any successful conversions, meaning that going into half time, the game was absolutely in the balance. Epsom then played their best half of the season, combining awesome tackling with a disciplined game plan, keeping the ball amongst the forwards and clearing with the boot when possible. Epsom withstood heavy pressure midway through the half only to then break away and score an important fourth try. Brighton immediately replied with two tries, bringing the only moment of the half where the result was in doubt. However, a rampaging captain Otto Lapidus (G) took Epsom to within 5 metres, from where Nickolas Towson (C) divided over to seal the win. A superb team effort.

Tries: Wong O (G), Rich (H), Garrett (G), Reid (Rn), Towson (C)

Player of the Match: Otto Lapidus (G)